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Okay guys, I know I made a promise to you a few weeks ago about being more active and submitting written work once a week.

And I failed to keep that promise miserably.  I feel terrible about it.  You guys deserve to know why I failed this promise.

A few weeks ago, life went to crap for a while.  My dad became extremely ill.  What EXACTLY happened, doctors are not entirely sure.  We just know that it started with food poisoning and a gastro-intestinal virus that combined together and began spiraling out of control, ultimately ending up with my dad's diabetes acting up and his pancreas trying to shut down.  They life-flighted him to the Veterans hospital intensive care unit in the next state over (because it was closer than the one in state) and there he stayed for about three days, mostly unconscious.  The doctors were saying that if he had arrived only one hour later than he did, they would have been sending him to the morgue instead.  This was pretty terrifying that entire weekend for the whole family.  My mom and sister stayed with my dad, while my husband and I stayed home to watch the dog and keep the prayer chain with our church updated.  To make matters worse, I got the same virus while at home, and was bound to the couch and the bathroom with terrible diarrhea and vomiting.  The only reason I did not need to go to the hospital like my dad is because I didn't get the food poisoning as well and I don't have diabetes.  All I had to deal with was a virus.

When they finally stabilized my dad (he was so dehydrated during this whole process that they had five separate IV's working on him at the same time to rehydrate him) and released him from the hospital, things started to look a little better.  We threw out anything that dad had eaten that day that may have made him sick, along with getting rid of a lot of fatty foods from the fridge and freezer, and the whole household has since undergone a massive diet change.  Not to mention we have all lost quite a bit of weight from the stress that weekend.  God came through for us though, we are so grateful.  My dad is still with us, and doing quite well, and the virus hasn't spread to anyone else in the house since then.

I have also been getting ready for a job.  I got an interview the week after, and will be starting my new job (thank goodness the job hunting is over!) at the end of the month.  Thinks are starting to look up.  With luck now, my husband and I can start catching up on the rent with the extra paycheck that will be coming in, provided I do well at this new job during the first month and I stay on with them.  We should also be able to start saving up the money for me to finish my costume (steampunk ice elemental with a geared scythe) for the Steampunk magic show I volunteer for as a Stage Assistant for.  We also need to save up for my husband to get an eye appointment.  He doesn't wear glasses, but I do, and his eyesight is starting to get as bad as mine.  I also have an upcoming doctor's appointment I need to schedule, and we both need new clothes.  So many things that need money =/

Minor inconvenience - I lost premium here on dA.  Advertisements galore now, lol.  Another money sink =/

But anyways, now that things are starting to look better (albeit a bit busier on a daily basis soon) I SHOULD be able to start finding the time to do some more writing.  I am sorry for the inconvenience I have caused you guys by not adhering to my promise.  I will try my best to push through this stupid writer's block and start putting out more things.
  • Mood: Shame
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  • Playing: Final Fantasy XIV, A Realm Reborn
  • Eating: A Salad.
  • Drinking: Chocolate milk with ice cubes and coffee in it.


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Amy Nurmi Giorgi
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Hey peeps! Nathalorial here! I'm a gamer mostly, and currently job hunting. I was previously Amy Hall, but I got married December 21st, 2013, so now I am Amy Nurmi Giorgi.

I have quite a few drawings here on dA, but at the moment I am focusing on my writing abilities, so you'll be sure to see lots of upcoming fiction and fanfiction writings ^_^ I hope to save up the money sometime soon to possibly take a few creative writing college classes.

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